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Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

In the 13th century, Bishop Bruno of Schauenburk ordered the building of a parish church devoted to the Virgin Mary. This originally early medieval church was plundered and burned down in 1643 when the town was occupied by Swedish armies. The only things left were the walls and a part of the tower. The church was left in that state for several years. Reconstruction started in 1651 and continued very slowly until 1675. Olomouc bishop Cardinal Wolfgang Hanibal Schrattenbach personally laid the foundation stone of the new dean church of Virgin Mary on 29th June 1724. The renovation was planned and designed by architect Ignác Josef Cyrani von Bolleshaus. The present early Gothic look of the church from the first half of the 18th century preserved a part of the original tower. The church was finished and consecrated in 1736. Since that year it has undergone a number of renovations and alterations. The church has a valuable, mostly Baroque interior. Worth noticing is the altar of Fourteen Saint Helpers which is a high-quality carving work.

More information: www.farnostpm.cz

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