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Where to go in KroměřížUNESCO Tourist Route

Archbishop chateau

The representative residence of Olomouc Bishops and Archbishops. The building was founded in 13th century and has a rich history. Apart from unique Salla Terrena and lushly decorated halls, visitors can see artistic collections that were gathered by the clergy over the years. There is also one of the largest galleries with a famous painting "Apollo and Marsyas" by Tiziano Vecelli, a unique library and a music archive. From the chateau tower, which is 84 metres tall you can see almost the whole of Moravia. The chateau has been a UNESCO monument since 1998.

The rise and development of the chateau is connected with the history of Olomouc episcopate and archiepiscopate – after the destruction of the original gothic-renaissance palace by Swedish armies in the Thirty Years War, Bishop Karel II ofLiechtenstein-Castelkorn built a spectacular early Baroque residence of Olomouc bishops, which still represents their social, political and cultural importance. It got its Italian style from the architects of Vienna Imperial Court, Filiberto Lucchese and Giovanni Pietro Tencalla. The chateau is not only a unique historical building, but also a living research centre holding lush collections of paintings, books and music that have their roots in the enlightened activities of collectors over several centuries.

Guided tours: historical halls, chateau gallery, Sala Terrena, chateau tower, mint.
Residential tour: (Historical halls + Gallery).
Artistic tour: (Gallery + Mint + Gallery Orlovna).
UNESCO tour: (Historical halls + Tower + Flower Garden).
Gardens tour: (Sala Terrena + Chateau Garden + Flower Garden).

More information: www.zamek-kromeriz.cz, phone: +420 573 502 011

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